Short History

We begin as the Montessori Learning Center

Green Valley School first opened in the winter of 1976 as a single preschool classroom called The Montessori Leaning Center. This classroom came about as the result of more than a year of organizational effort by interested parents.
In 1977, Bruce Dow reorganized the school as a not-for-profit corporation and it took up residence in the Concordia Lutheran Church.

Enrollment grew and by 1979 a second classroom was added in space created through remodeling an historic barn adjacent to the church.
In the fall of 1982 we started our first elementary class with a group of fifteen 6 to 9 year old children. Demand for the elementary class forced the move in the fall of 1983 to the present location, a three acre farm in Pembroke.

In 1985, a new addition provided two more classrooms. We moved out of the facilities at the Lutheran Church and housed a preschool, a lower elementary and the newly started upper elementary all on the same Pembroke site.
From 1986 to 1992 enrollment grew in the three classrooms, we added an elaborate play structure, and we constantly grew and expanded the library. At the end of 1994, Bruce Dow left the school as its director and Myrta Gage took on the position.

From 1994 until 1998, under the direction of Myrta Gage, the school gradually grew to include two preschool classes, a toddler program, a lower elementary class and an upper elementary class. There were also a number of changes to the facility including expanded library space, larger coatrooms and expanded outside play space.

1998 was a transition year for Green Valley School. With a large projected shortfall, parents and the Board of Directors came together in a massive effort to rescue the school from its financial troubles. A new administration with Wanda Nichols as the administrator came on board in February. That fall we reopened the school, refurbished and renewed in spirit.
In 2000 we changed our name to Green Valley School to reflect the addition of older students with a middle school. We continue to offer the best Montessori education in the area.

An early lower elementary class at GVS (1984)

Construction of the addition (1983)

Elmwood Farm circa 1938

Finishing the addition




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