COVID Information

General COVID Information for Green Valley School

The research is clear that the greatest risk for contracting COVID-19 comes from unmasked, close physical proximity and prolonged contact (defined as greater than 15 minutes and closer than 3-6 feet).

Since evidence also suggests that being outdoors reduces the risk of contracting the virus, weather permitting, students will be taking advantage of our vast outdoor resources as often as possible.

Each class will be implementing age-appropriate methods to control potential virus spread, including additional sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces and hand washing both during and after school.

In order to keep our classrooms healthy and open in person, extra precautions must be taken. This includes keeping children home if they are sick. It includes following COVID guidelines while in public. It also includes keeping the school informed regarding your child’s and your family’s health as necessary in relation to COVID.

Thank you for all your efforts to keep our GVS community healthy and safe.