Having gone thru 7 years of a Montessori program and seen the results of a true education we are continually thankful for Green Valley School. Not only was our son, Tyler, well grounded in basic education needed for High School he came out of the middle school years with a love for learning and the skills to last a lifetime.

My favorite story was when Tyler was in the early part of his 4th grade year. He informed me one day that he had taken a nap that day. Ah, says I, we have found the right school!

Schooling is not meant to be a forced exercise but rather a process of educating the whole person.

Thank you Green Valley and all the teachers that work therein.

Lucia & Tyler Carlisle
Tyler Wm. Class of 2007



We have two children in GVS and we can't be more pleased with the school. Our 13 year old gets a wide-ranging education in the junior high, from algebra to drama to learning to cook. Our 3 year old is in the preschool and loves it. He also attended the summer program and enjoyed seeing plays and learning about all sorts of wildlife. When we come to pick them up in the afternoon, we've often heard "Can't I stay longer?". The school is run with a true attitude of caring for the children's well-being and educational progress. We highly recommend GVS!

Judy & Chet Braley


Our 12 year old son started at Green Valley in January of 6th grade. At the mere age of 12, he was already bored and tired of school. We visited 8 middle schools in the Concord, NH area (4 public and 4 private) to find a better school for him. We were willing to move into a new community if need be. In all honesty, I didn't want to give up on public schools and I was hesitant about a private school. However, Green Valley was our first choice and he went on to enjoy 2 and 1/2 years there--finishing 8th grade.

The teachers, staff, and volunteers at Green Valley helped him enjoy learning again. Everyone wanted our son to learn. The small classroom contained very bright high achieving students and struggling students. Each worked at their own pace and supported each other with their strengths and weaknesses. It was a wonderful environment were all flourished. As parents, sending our son to Green Valley was one of the best decisions that we made.

Laura M. Bonk

Concord, NH 03301


My daughter was enrolled Green Valley School school for 5+ years. I worried that upon entering a public high school she would flounder. Had she gotten all of the information required by the state? By comparison, the children in public schools seemed to have followed a rigorous curriculum. Green Valley uses a curriculum mostly laid out by Maria Montessori several decades ago. While my daughter didn't have teachers filling her head with history details, mathematical formulas, and grammatical drills, she was, instead, presented with opportunities to explore all subjects with expectations of completion and increased levels of difficulty. She was allowed to interact with others, or not; had the time to dig deeply into projects of special interest; and had many class outings, including a few where she learned to "rough it" in inclement weather on remote mountaintops. She wrote, she thought, she played, she created, she figured things out. Her teachers, guardians of small classes, acted as her guides.

And now? As most of the Montessori trained children I know, my daughter has had no problem in her public high school. Another, less scholarly type, is at a noteworthy school and, like my daughter, is on the high honors list. One child went from the Montessori school to college courses at 15 - and will graduate from the University years earlier than her classmates. While all unique, none of these children were considered "gifted." They were
simply fortunate enough to receive the gift of an inspiring education.

Kerry Reed
Bow, NH




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