Paul Scribner Robotics Lab

Paul Scribner Robotics Lab


Paul Scribner

1975 - 1997

The Paul Scribner Robotics Lab at the Green Valley School is an ongoing project created by family and friends of Paul Scribner to honor Paul and to remember him in the way that best expresses who he was as a person.

Paul Scribner was a student at this Montessori school from third to eighth grade. He loved the school and thrived here because the school encouraged his inventive spirit and his creative ideas, while educating him in all the fundamental subjects that he would need to help him reach his goals.

Paul was an inventor. He kept a secret notebook of all his great ideas. He made models of things he would invent. One time he attached a sled to a lawn mower and got it to pull him around the yard. He set up his own darkroom so he could experiment with photography techniques. At school he learned about welding, and electricity, and plumbing, and all sorts of things that he wanted to know about. He also cooked and learned how to use a knitting machine. Paul loved going to school here.

When Paul went to college, he decided to become an engineer. He studied more about the things he had learned at Montessori, and continued to get ideas for his inventions. All along, he also loved his family, his friends, his cat, his music, and cooking. He was a great cook. He had an “ear” for ingredients. He would have something in a restaurant and be able to reproduce the whole list of ingredients just from tasting it. In his last year of college, he and two colleagues won the annual prize for most efficientlly designed bridge. When he graduated from college he moved to New York City and got a great job as an engineer.

Paul made a bad choice on October 19, 1997, at the age of 22. He took a dose of heroin, and he died. Why did he do it? Now his inventions will not be built, and all the people who loved him miss him.

Remember kids, don’t be tempted to try drugs, even when someone offers them to you. Do your passion, meet your goals, reach your dreams, make your robots, invent your inventions, bring your ideas to fruition.

We, the family and friends of Paul Scribner, hope this Robotics Lab puts you on the road to your dreams.


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