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What your child should bring for the school day

Snacks and Lunch

What to bring if your child naps

Health and Wellness

Birthday Celebrations

What your child should bring to school

  • Non-character slippers that children are capable of independently putting on and taking off. Large character heads or open backs make it hard for the children to sit with their legs crossed and prove difficult to keep on when maneuvering throughout the classroom. Please have your child practice putting on the slippers at home.
  • Child-friendly clothing. Example: elastic waist bands. Try to avoid belts, overalls; unless your child has demonstrated an independent ability to handle these at home. Please encourage your child to dress him/herself.
  • Change of clothes, including socks and underwear, all labeled, and in a plastic shoe box.
  • Full-day children who nap--bring a small blanket and pillow (flat sheet optional).
  • NO TOYS- Please do not let children bring in toys. They are disruptive and may get lost or broken. The only exception to this rule is a small "sleeping buddy" for nap time.
  • Please do not have children wear jewelry. It may become lost or broken.

Snacks and Lunch

  • No candy or soda
  • Please make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast before arriving at school. This is very important for them to get a good start in the morning. It is strongly advised that children eat foods high in protein (not sugar) for breakfast.
  • Children can have a snack during the morning work cycle when they are hungry. There is a table for four set aside just for snack.
  • Healthy snack - very low in sugar, suggestions: whole fruits, crackers, cheese or vegetables.
  • Lunches and snacks are "trashless" --we send home everything that a child has left so that you will see what your child eats during the day. We strongly suggest a plastic bag for the gooey trash.
  • Feedback note may appear in the lunch box or parent folder (an example may be to inform you that your child may be going through a growth spurt and has eaten all of his/her food by 10:00)

Napping and Resting

  • We request that you inform us in writing whether or not your child will be napping. For instance, if your child is still napping at home and you wish this to continue on a daily basis, or you do not want your child to rest at school so they will sleep better at night.
  • Every child will be given the opportunity for a nap if they want one (unless a parent does not wish their child to nap). Also, they might be invited to rest by a teacher based on their level of energy or activities.
  • Nap supplies: small or twin sized blanket, small pillow and small cuddle toy, if desired.

Health and Wellness

  • Please keep sick children at home. Help us to keep the classroom a healthy place.
  • Rules for returning to school can be located in the school handbook.
  • Please prepare a dependable back-up contact person in case your child becomes ill during school hours and needs to be picked up.
  • If your child will be missing school, please call the office before 9:00 a.m. or email the school at

Birthday Celebrations

  • Please notify the teachers of your child's birthday at least 3 school days in advance. This notification will allow us to help in making your child's day special and exclusive.
  • Parents or grandparents are always welcome to attend!
  • Your child is encouraged to bring in a timeline of photos to share.
  • The birthday child is welcomed to bring in a special snack. Please choose items that are low in sugar such as muffins, fresh fruit cups, and cookies. Also, providing a uniform snack and not offering options simplifies things. Prepared, individual servings are easiest to serve (please provide napkins and any accessories you feel are needed.)
  • Half year celebrations can also be celebrated, if requested, for summer birthdays.

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