Lower Elementary Schedule

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7:30 Early Morning Care

8:30 Spelling and/or Journaling: Children complete one spelling chapter per week, and journal prompts are offered daily for journal writing.

9:00 Morning Circle: We meet to exchange greetings, read the date, conduct class business, and share a whole group lesson.

9:30 Morning Work Time: Children are dismissed from circle one by one to begin individual work with an eye toward finishing daily requirements. At this time, individual and group lessons also take place. We take a fifteen minute break to enjoy individual snacks as a group at circle.

11:15 Clean-Up from Work and Meet at Circle: Children return materials to their proper places and record the day’s work in their work journals. Children’s folders including all paperwork from the day are collected.

11:30 Lunch: Children choose table numbers randomly from a box each day providing an element of surprise to seating arrangements. When the weather cooperates and enthusiasm for fresh air abounds, we picnic outdoors.

12:00 Recess

12:30 Specials, Whole Group Lessons, Silent Reading, Writer’s Conference: During the afternoon, we normally have a specialist come in to work with the group focusing on subjects such as Art, Foreign Language, and Music. This is also our time for whole group lessons, P.E., Sharing (show and tell), Writer’s Conference (independent writer’s workshop) and Silent Reading.

2:00 Afternoon Jobs: Children clean up for the day and complete classroom jobs such as watering plants, erasing the chalkboard, caring for the classroom pet, emptying the compost bucket, etc.

2:20 Read-Aloud: The teacher reads from a chapter book at circle. Many children choose to color as they listen.

2:45 Final Circle: Children are dismissed to the playground when weather permits. During inclement weather, children are dismissed to the aftercare room.

5:45 Late Pick-up

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, April 23--Community Meeting hosted by the UE class, 11:00 a.m.

Friday, April 24--Arts Night at the Pembroke Congregational Church 6:15

April 27 to May 1--No school

Saturday & Sunday, May 9-10--JH parking cars at the Deerfield Fairgrounds

Friday & Saturday, May 15-16--Lower Elementary Camping Trip

Wednesday, May 20--Move-up Day 8:30 to 2:45

Monday, May 25--No School

Wednesday, May 27 to June 4--Junior High Road Trip

Thursday, June 11--JH graduation and parent dinner 6:00 p.m.

Friday, June 12--Last day of school for Lower El and Junior High

Saturday, June 13--Potluck and field day--last day of school for Upper El

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